Alexander Cherednychenko
Building teams and software to make the world better

Minimalism, Startups, and Core Value: the Power of Less

Low Tech, High Life. A Cyberpunk World We Deserve.


Hello and nice to meet you. I am an engineering leader and entrepreneur with interests ranging between improving people’s lives, making business more productive, and doing that all with tech.

So far I have had a career in services industry going from line roles in software engineering to team leadership, participated in three early-stage startups, built and exited out of my software services company.

Currently, I help fight climate change with data and technology, leading public APIs and integrations at C-Change Labs and BuildingTransparency.

I love my family and enjoy spending time with them. I also like reading, hiking and reflecting on this life.

I am Ukrainian 🇺🇦. I currently live in Canada 🇨🇦.

alex.o.cherednychenko at gmail dot com | LinkedIn | Github | Facebook | Medium


I am not looking for employment at the moment. However, whether you are looking to hire me, or just interested, there are two tracks I anticipate:

The documents are open for commenting, so if you just stopped by and see something worth fixing, please let me know.

Consulting and Advisory

I was one of the two active founders At Logicify. We got off the ground, built up and sold a services business. Zero external investments, on a tiny local market. Team of 40 as of exit. There were tons of lessons learned, and sometimes I do miss that adventurous time.

Happy to see how to help with:

Get in touch for a friendly chat. I view consulting as a nice to have side gig yielding a stream of atypical and rather complex problems, and I’m spending just a bit of time in it.

Support Ukraine 🇺🇦

Every single bit helps. People of Ukraine need a lot of support due to unprovoked and unprecedented ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation.

There is now a consolidated entry point to provide help via

There is also a full spectre of organisations and groups available. Ask me if you need guidance. Ukrainian volunteering movement is something amazing yet to be studied and published in books. A self-organizing system helping fill the gaps and get things done where they are needed most.

As a rule of thumb I personally try to split donations across levels: